Contact for

1. E-Cell or E-Club

2. Business Incubation Center | Establishment

3. Business Incubation Center | Achieving High

4. Government Policies for Start-up Funding

5. Training Programs

6. Tie-up with Eco-system's Stake holders

7. Think Tank on Entrepreneurship

8. Enterprise Building

9. Startups Consulting

10. Workshops/ Boot-camps

11. Business Accelerators

12. Faculty Development on Entrepreneurship


Draft format of MOU may be discussed

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1. Format of MoU with Management Associates

2. Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Establishment of Business Incubator

3. Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for selecting Incubatees

4. Mentoring Session with Pre-Incubatees

5. Mentoring Session with Incubatees (Agnostic)

6. Mentoring Session as Accelerator

7. Two-Day Workshop Proposal on 'Entrepreneurship Development Program'

8. One-Day Workshop Proposal on 'Entrepreneurial Motivation | All Activities'

9. One-Day Workshop Proposal on 'Strategics for Startups and Incubatees'

10. One-Day Training Program for Faculty on Entrepreneurship

11. One-Day Training Program for Incubator Staff Members